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Xiamen Aibort Clothing Co., Ltd.

a clothing manufacturing and exporting company. Our clothing includes singlets, polo shirts, T-shirts, jackets, outwear, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shorts, rugby shirts and sportswear.Aibort ltd MOQ Policy-we have different program to support our customer with their varied order quantity and individualized design, MOQ in our company varies upon different items.
It usually applies in one purchase of only one item.
No matter what is the order quantity; we will listen to your suggestion and willing to help you make your draft design into finished products.We are proud to be your supplier. Your success is our success.Aibort ltd has about 150 sewers and 8 designers (2 style designers and 1 embroidery designer). This supports us to finish samples in 7-10 days and send goods with quality in delivery date requested.
Aibort ltd clothing has been exported to USA,Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the UK, Portugal, New Zealand, Switzerland.

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