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Xiamen Aibort Clothing Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Sportswear
Minor customizationTesting instruments (2)Years in industry(15)Total floorspace (3,349㎡)

2013 Aibort Mid-Autumn Festival2013 Aibort seaside party 2013 Aibort Christmas Party 2014 Mar. Orange Compaign, Aibort got 103 orders in one months!2013 Sep. Compaign with 47 company , Aibort are NO.1  2016-10 Shenzhen Bosses Vist Aibort Clothing2016-10 Quanzhou Bosses Visit Aibort Clothing2016-12  The Northwest bosses Visit Aibort Clothing017-6 Shenzhen Bosses  Visit Aibort Clothing